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Using Simple Scripts

This article explains how to use Simple Scripts to install applications, to upgrade existing applications, and to uninstall and manage applications.

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What is Simple Scripts

Simple Scripts allows you to automatically install many popular applications such as WordPress, to upgrade them when upgrades are available, to manage them (the different versions you may have installed) and to uninstall them when necessary. Simple Scripts also gives you easy access to your applications and scripts - a link for logging in and managing each one.

Note: The Moo Crew can assist you with any installation issues; however, we do not  support the applications or scripts you are installing. For help with using the applications, visit the creators' Websites.

Install applications

Installation Notes

  • While the installation for each application is different, the following steps cover the basic process. For most installations, you indicate the installation location, an administrator username and password (or have one automatically generated for you) and database information (or have one automatically generated for you).

Installing an application (general)

  1. From your hosting control panel, go to Website > Simple Scripts
  2. From the Script List, select an application or script you wish to install
  3. Click the application name link. The script installation page is displayed. In this example, we use WordPress to demonstrate the installation process.
  4. Note the links listed under External Links heading. Click these to get help or more information for the script or application
  5. Click Install to begin the installation.
  6. Step 1: Installation Preferences
    1. Click on the drop down button and select the version of the application you wish to install
    2. Select the location for installing the application
    3. Click the drop down button to select the domain where you wish to install
    4. Then, enter the directory, in your domain, where you wish to install the script. If this directory does not exist, it will be created automatically
  7. Step 2: Advanced options
    If you do nothing, i.e. skip these options, a random Administrator username and password for the script you are installing will be generated for you. Also, a new database for this script will be generated automatically.

    If you wish to change these options:
    1. Select the link Click here to display to expand the Advanced Options section.
    2. Deselect the check box of the option you wish to customize
    3. If you leave the first check box selected, a random Administrator username and password are generated for you. If you deselect the check box:

      Enter a username and password for managing this script

    4. Deselect the second check box if you wish to use a specific database (which you already created) for this installation. If you leave this check box checked, a new database is automatically created for you.
    5. To find the required database information:
      1. Go to Manage MySQL, and select (or create) the database you wish to use
      2. For example, using the sample database shown above, the fields should be filled in as follows:

        • Hostname - the server name shown in MySQL
        • Username - a username for this database, shown in the first column on the left in MySQL
        • Password - the password for this database (if you don't remember your database's password, you can change it from MySQL
        • Database Name - the database listed at the top of the right pane in MySQL
        • Table Prefix - allows multiple databases to exist in one database by identifying them with a prefix, for example wp1_ and wp2_ would be seen as two different WordPress blogs. Feel free to change the default prefix to whatever is meaningful for you

  8. Step 3: Legal Information
    1. Read the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement
    2. Select the check box indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions
    3. Click Complete
  9. Your script is installed
    1. You can log into your application from here, using the Login URL (above) and the Username and Password shown

Uninstall applications

SimpleScripts helps you to uninstall applications, so you can try out different tools to find the ones that best suit your needs.

To uninstall an application you installed through SimpleScripts:

  1. From your hosting control panel, go to Website > Simple Scripts
  2. Under My Installs, where all of your installed scripts are listed, select the script you wish to uninstall, and click its Uninstall link
  3. There are two options for a script uninstall:
    1. Option 1: automatic removal permanently deletes your script installation
      1. Select the reason for removal from the drop down box
      2. Click Remove
        If you manually installed any plugins or modules for this script, you will need to remove them manually; the uninstall will not remove them automatically
    2. Option 2: removes your script from the list of installed applications without actually deleting any files or tables
      1. Click Remove from List

Upgrade applications

Simple Scripts keeps track of the application version that you have installed. When new upgrades to these applications become available, we inform you via the upgrade link. Clicking on this link walks you through the process of upgrading your application to the latest version.

To upgrade your script or application:

  1. From your hosting control panel, go to Website > Simple Scripts
  2. Simple Scripts opens on the My Installs tab by default.
    1. If there are upgrades for any installed applications, a message appears at the top, indicating how many upgrades are available.
    2. For each application where an upgrade is available, an Upgrade link is displayed in red
  3. Select the application you wish to upgrade, and click on the Upgrade link displayed for that application
  4. Select the version to which you wish to upgrade from the drop down box
  5. Be sure to check the Legal Requirement check box, indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions of this upgrade
  6. Click Upgrade Now
  7. You are brought back to the My Installs tab, and when finished, the new version of your application is displayed. Note that if you review your website, and you wish to revert back to the previous version, you can do so by clicking on the Restore link (as shown above).

Import Applications

You may have installed some applications manually and now you may wish to manage these through Simple Scripts. The import function allows you to import application installations into Simple Scripts so that they can be managed there.

To import an installation into Simple Scripts:

  1. From your hosting control panel, go to Website > Simple Scripts
  2. Simple Scripts opens on the My Installs tab by default.
  3. From the Script List, select the application or script you wish to import and click the application title (this example uses Simple Machines Forum)
  4. From the application installation page, click Import
  5. Enter the path to the directory where your applications is installed, then click Import
  6. Your imported application appears in the My Installs list
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