Tips for Dominating the Search Results in Your Local Demographic

By moosnews
April 7, 2010

Any business wanting to be found locally online needs to be optimized and dominating the local search results. This isn’t necessarily difficult to accomplish, but it is a lot of work and requires some important tips to get started with little effort.

The Prestigious “7-Pack”

The search engines want to put the most important businesses at the top of their listings in their prestigious ‘7-pack’. These are the listings found beside the map in the regular search results. How can you better prove the search engines a site is important? Vote for it. How can someone vote for a site? Link back to it, give it a standard citation, review, or other mention search engines and users will find helpful.

Search Results Should Give More Than a Name and Location

When local search results are mentioned, people often only think of the name of the business and its location, but they can provide interested Web wanderers with much more. Hours of operation, coupons, sales announcements, promotions, events, images, videos and many other features can often be added to Google listings, Yelp, and many other local search engines.

FatCow Makes It Easy and Affordable To Be Found Locally

For only $99.95/yr, FatCow’s Simply Local Search plan will submit your business listing to over 40 online local search engines. Simply go to our easy-to-use interface, enter or update your information once, and we’ll do the rest. Your customers will be able to find you regardless of where they look! Check out FatCow’s Simply Local Search plan to get found today

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