Are pageviews dead?

By moosnews
March 31, 2010

An interesting editorial on suggests that the pageview counts are no longer even worth talking about when it comes to Web monitoring metrics. Pageviews are a measure of how many times a page is accessed and viewed, a sort of popularity measurement of a how often a given page is viewed. The editorial makes some interesting claims about how newer page metrics have been developed to support the rapid monetization of startup web sites. With the shift from ‘eyeshare’ monitoring to metrics like ARPU (average revenue per user) or CLV (customer lifetime value), the point where pageviews have become useless has already passed.
There’s also some interesting speculation on the overall direction that web design is heading towards. The editorial suggests that individual pages are no longer the primary element in web design. The increase in interactive web pages that only reload elements further devalues the use of pageviews as a metric of popularity or a way to provide a company with “actionable metrics.” The editorial continues on to suggest some other metrics that provided a better gauge of how popular on line content is.

Read more at and then let me know what you think!

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