All About FatCow Domain Security

By Jessica Ann
June 13, 2015

Internet Security

FatCow has fully integrated domain management into our account system so that you can stay secure while building your website. An important part of domain management is ensuring robust security is in place. This is why we take several measures to keep you informed about additions and changes to your account’s domains.

Here at FatCow, we use email as our primary means of verifying additions and changes to your domains. We notify you via a verification email whenever you first purchase a domain, whenever the name or email address associated with the domain are updated, and whenever your domain is moved to a different domain registrar.

Each verification email will contain a unique link you must click on to alert us to the fact that you were the person who made the change. You have 15 days to click the link in each verification email. We will suspend your domain on day 16 and display either a suspension page or simply a blank page. The purpose of this isn’t to annoy you but to make sure that if someone else is making unauthorized changes to your domain, those changes are not immediately implemented.

We know you are busy, so we provide an easy process to suspend your domain. Head to Domain Central, choose “suspended domain” and make sure the Contact email on file is correct. Then click Resend in the red notification box or Resend Email under the Verification heading.

You will receive a new verification email. Open the email account and click the verification link to restore your domain to normal visibility. It usually takes between 24 hours and 48 hours for the suspension to be lifted, so click the link as soon as you can. Don’t panic if your site isn’t restored right away.

Some businesses face more difficult security concerns than others. For those issues, we provide an addon service called NameSafe Protection. This service prevents anyone from maki