Meet Jack and Eric: two young and inspiring FatCow customers!

By Jen Merry
March 25, 2013

Introducing Jack and Eric! These boys prove that no matter how old you are, everybody’s capable of making a difference. Over the past five years, the brothers have raised a total of $4,518 for a variety of charities. And with their new FatCow website, Dedham Pirates, they’re ready to take things to the next level.

Back in 2008, at ages 4 and 7, these mini entrepreneurs founded Jack & Eric’s Pirate Lemonade Stand to raise money for their local playground. The venture was such a success that the boys have devoted every summer since, selling their homemade drinks and donating 100% of their earnings to charity.

Jack & Eric working hard at their Lemonade Stand!
Photo Source.

Last year the boys raised $2,110. They donated it all to the Home Base Program, supporting veterans!
Dedham Pirates Pirates Home Base
Photo Source
With some help from dad, Jack and Eric created their FatCow website, Dedham Pirates, to tell their story and inspire others. Using Weebly’s Drag & Drop tools, their website features multiple pages, social media buttons, a photo gallery, a contact form, and a map for thirsty customers to find them!

When asked about their web hosting experience so far, the Pirates’ dad explained, “FatCow blew me away with how easy it is to create what I did. Love Weebly, the many template design choices, all the elements we could ask for, and the drag & drop feature.”


The Dedham Pirates, holding up their empty lemonade jugs.
Lemonade Boys Photo Source

Craving some lemonade? The boys will set up shop this summer at the Dedham Farmers Market, in Dedham, Massachusetts. And as a “Thanks!” for their customers continued support, their homemade beverages will be FREE.

For more updates, visit the Dedham Pirates website:

And make sure to follow the Pirates on Facebook and Twitter:

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